About Essco

Essco’s products have high-quality chrome plating for durability and sparkling finish. They use 10 microns of Nickel and 0.3 microns of Chrome thickness for higher durability which is one of the best in class ratio.

Essco products undergo quality check for the chemical composition of brass for apt standard and maintaining quality according to world standards. The brass specification is  Grade DCB-2 OF IS1264-1998.

Essco faucets undergo 2 lac cycles of handle testing (lever operation test) for smooth movement, higher longevity and sustainability. After all the product has to last long.

Essco faucets are also made to undergo a salt spray test for a minimum of 200 hours which ensures they last long enough.

Essco faucets are also tested for hydro and air leak tests. This ensures Essco faucets are leak-proof, work efficiently, and environment friendly with zero wastage of water.