What is a modern toilet

What is a modern toilet?

Modern toilets start with a pressure assisted flushing system. Traditional toilets  use gravity, but that is not where they end. A truly modern toilet is highly efficient and provides greater hygienic benefits. People want to save water and feel cleaner when using their toilet

Modern toilets make life easier

Recently, the toilet has been through the biggest transformation since the beginning of indoor plumbing. One aspect of a bathroom upgrade is high-efficiency toilets. These toilets use far less water per flush, and they are becoming common toilet types in most homes. Secondly, long after technology made life easier in the living room and kitchen, it has now arrived in the bathroom with the smart toilet bidet.

High-efficiency toilets

Toilets are by far the most water-intensive fixture in the average home. Toilet flushing often accounts for nearly one third of household water use. In the early days of flushing, a single flush could use up to 27 liters of water. Due to advancements in efficiency, many toilets get the job done with only 4 and a half liters of water per flush.

Save water, save money

By replacing old outdated toilets with a modern toilet, families not only save water, but they can save a lot of money to. The EPA estimates that replacing one toilet can save over 60000 liters of water per year. Over the course of an average toilet lifespan, this will create nearly $3,000 in savings due to lower water accounts.

Local officials want water efficiency

According to the experts who run local water facilities, when toilets use less water, it reduces the stress on the local sewage system. As a direct result, some local municipalities encourage residents to upgrade their toilets to a modern one. 

Technology of the modern toilet

Not only do these toilets use less water, technology makes the whole experience more relaxing and refreshing. New modern toilets often have adjustable, heated seats, as well as motion detection activated seats. They also feature built-in bidets that provide a solid stream of water to clean the backside after using the toilet.

Bidet seats offer modern luxury

Bidet seats, like the smart toilet bidet we stock, give people all the luxury of a modern toilet without needing to install a whole new fixture. Once the bidet seat is in place, you can customize the water pressure, direction and flow.  As a result, you can upgrade most standard toilets into a modern toilet in a matter of minutes.

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