This is an odd topic for a regular conversation. There has been a lot of talk about toilets, of all things. I have been answering tons of toilet questions lately and thought a post was in order. I wanted to share some additional ideas and tips for doing just that. I also took some time to roundup my favorite toilets for every style. Here's a chance to read up on all the riveting toilet material.

First let us talk about ways to make a standard toilet look more interesting, because who doesn’t want a toilet that feels like it belongs in a hotel? Below are thoughts that crossed my mind when designing the guest bathrooms toilet:

  • Change the standard lever or handle
  • Choose a classic shape that fits the home’s aesthetic.
  • Trade the toilet seat / lid.
  • Change up the colour (black toilets are making a comeback).
  • Upgrade to a soft close toilet seat.
  • Consider efficiency.
  • Bring in matching fixtures (the Toilet Paper holder, etc).

There are many toilet options on the market and shopping for a new one can be a little overwhelming. To make things easier, I broke down my favorites in the list below. I categorized the toilets by function & style:

You should also consider the size and toilet seat shape. If you’re working with a tiny space, a round toilet bowl is a major space saver, or if you have space in the bathroom- an elongated toilet seat is ideal and said to be the most comfortable.

Our previous toilet had top controls with dual flush technology that was really nice. It fit the budget, had a soft close toilet seat, and was basic in a good way.

Another thing to consider is cleanability. I clean the bathroom pretty frequently and having a toilet that is easy to scrub saves a lot of time.

You can see our previous toilet had lots of lots of curves and plumbing to clean around, but the new one has a nice flat skirt that should make cleaning much easier. 

I thought I would really miss our old bathroom, but after finishing the guest bathroom- I am just excited to have another beautiful space. Plus, this renovation still has 3 more bathrooms that need an overhaul- one being the master suite, so there is plenty to look forward to in the coming years.

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