Top 10 Tools Every Plumber Needs!

  1. Line Cutters
  2. Line Bender
  3. Patch Torch and Gas
  4. Movable spanner
  5. Soul Level
  6. Patch Mat
  7. Screwdrivers
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Holds
  10. Radiator channel down devices
  11. Line Cutters

A fundamental piece of a handyman's tool stash is pipe cutters for both copper and plastic pipework. We have a choice of choices first and foremost we should investigate copper pipe cutters

autocut pipeslice apparatuses are utilized to cut the line by turning the pipeslice around the line with the spring stacked wheel slicing through the line leaving a well put together. The pipeslice is accessible in pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, and 28mm by Rothenberger, Monument and Arctic Hayes at Plumbing Supplies Direct.

Smaller than normal cylinder cutters which are customizable and intended to be utilized on copper, Brass, aluminum and light check steel line of sizes between 3mm – 22mm. The smaller than expected cylinder shaper is an option in contrast to utilizing a hacksaw during establishment of pipework and evades swarf entering any framework which can cause issues on commissions. Utilizing this sort of line shaper guarantees a square and surprisingly cut. The smaller than usual line shaper is accessible by assembling's Rothenberger, Monument and Today's apparatuses on our site.

At Plumbing supplies direct we have the Monument copper, metal line shaper no 1 with a limit of cutting copper, metal, aluminum and polythene pipe. It is a top notch instrument that is utilized by experts and DIY lovers alongside warming architects and support laborers. It is produced using Zinc pressure diecast body and the fluted handle is fitted with an extra haggle interior deburer.

The Rothenberger Duramag tube shaper which accompanies 2 shaper wheels, one for an extra which is situated in the handle. The Durmag is hearty and incredibly solid, has a fast change of the functioning territory making it commonsense for affirmed spaces, it likewise has a retractable inner line deburrer. This shaper is intended to be utilized on pipework somewhere in the range of 6mm and 35mm.

Rothenberger 4 piece set comprising of 2 copper pipeslices in the most mainstream of sizes being 15mm and 22mm alongside 2 plastic line cutters being in sizes 25mm and 42mm. this is a devotee set for any individual searching for their first line cutting instruments.

Presently we should investigate the plastic line cutting choices accessible

Similar as the copper pipeslices we likewise have the plastic line cutters which are accessible exclusively or both as a set in sizes 1 ¼ and 1 ½ appropriate for cutting waste line in a homegrown property. The plasicut is not difficult to utilize, just adjust the plasticut properly and hold solidly, turning the shaper toward the bolt after approx. 1-2 turns the line will be cut. The plastic is likewise accessible in 20mm for MDPE blue water pipe which is more secure to use than a saw or shears.

The Monument plastic line shaper gives a decent spotless cut, is very agreeable to deal with and simple to utilize. It is intended to be utilized on any measured plastic line somewhere in the range of 10mm and 28mm, it is viable on PVC, Polybutekyne, MDPE, Polyethene, HEP20 and flood pipe.

Rothenberger Rocut 26T are intended to be utilized on plastic line between 0-26mm. Direct cut makes this an ideal shear for most homegrown pipework which will likewise cut multi-facet composite line and homegrown nursery hose pipe. The Rocut 26T has some additional advantages like least exertion when cutting, programmed controlled opening of the edge at a press of a catch, pin point accuracy without twisting, shear arm is lockable in transport position, secure grasp with rubberised handles and right point cuts are exact. The Rocut additionally is a fast method of slicing pipe without having to debur.

The Rothenberger 38 direct cut (non-ratchet) quick and simple square cut on a wide range of plastic line including MDPE, PE, PP, HEP20 and P-EX. It has a reversible tempered steel edge and will slice speak up to 38mm.

Line Bender

At plumbing supplies direct we have the Multibender pipe twisting instrument in both Rothenberger and Monument. These are intended for expertly having the option to twist copper line and light evaluation hardened steel tube. Multi drinking sprees accompany the proper line advisers for complete the activity. The line drinking spree is vigorous, lightweight, simple to utilize and versatile. In the Rothenberger range there is likewise the 36" Rothenberger pipe drinking spree sack accessible in the frill range alongside pipe direct packs and substitution guides. The drinking spree sack is hurdled with open and fluttered pockets as an afterthought, it has a separable shoulder lash and convey handles alongside elastic feet.

In our line drinking sprees range we additionally have little line drinking spree for when working with more modest copper pipework of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm line.

I realize this segment is on Pipe drinking sprees yet additionally feel it is pertinent to make reference to the Rothenberger pipe straightener for 10mm Microbore pipe. The copper pipe is feed through the re-structure hand instrument and passed along the length of line which thus fixes the cylinder with the 16 guide rollers.

Patch Torch and Gas

The quickfire superfire 2 light is planned in view of expert Plumbers just as warming and gas designs but on the other hand is adequate for cooling and refrigeration purposes alongside mechanical architects and surprisingly the DIY fan.

The vital highlights of the Superfire light are:

Multi Direction – dissimilar to less expensive lights the Superfire 2 light can be utilized at any point, even topsy turvy and has a flexible and steady fire.

Strong cast body – tough, hearty and agreeable to deal with

Predictable warmth – high temperatures of upto 1,750 °C with Propane and 1,950 °C with Mapp gas.

Gas type – both Mapp and Propane gas can be utilized with this light

Stream sifted – this implies that you won't have a gas stream issue

Weight – the Superfire 2 light weighs under 700g. on the off chance that you invest a great deal of your energy patching you would prefer not to deal with a light that is unimaginably substantial.

Line size – the Superfire 2 light and be utilized on copper pipework from 8mm up to 54mm.

Temperature focus – the fire is movable with the turbine fire making the fire concentrated.

Piezo start – implying that it will consequently start up in a flash straight away and no lighter or matches needed to touch off the fire.

There is an enormous determination of adornments accessible which are extraordinary augmentations for welding/Brazing, for instance a Heat Deflector Guard, Extension hose, tips like Swirl, Turbine or the Cool Tip.

Mapp gas chamber is a blend of gases for elite patching or brazing work. The high fire temperatures ensure most extreme consuming execution and quicker specialist times. It is not difficult to use with expanded client security through sandwich valves, an aluminium mono-block chamber. With outrageous fire temperatures up to 2700°C which is 25% more smoking than propane gas.

Simple to utilize

Viable with Quick fire and Super fire 2

Extreme Industrial evaluation sway safe steel chamber

Ensured consistent top light execution

Implicit security valve

High fire temperature up to 2700°C

25% more smoking than propane

More limited working occasions

Soul Levels

Rothenberger 3 sided 'A' molded furrowed Sprit level makes them stun highlights like having the option to be utilized on Brick Walls, Ridge Tile, Pipe Work, Coping Stone, Kerb Stone. The soul levels accompany a long term maker's assurance for a genuine feelings of serenity. There are centimeters and inches markings on each side along as air pocket levels. These are made of substantial metal and elastic development and has an estimating exactness in typical position 0.029′ = 0.5mm/m

These soul levels are accessible in sizes 16″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″ and the Rothenberger soul levels are accessible as a total set and the majority of the soul levels accompany their own personal pack to keep shielded from any scratches.

Plumbing Supplies Direct additionally stock a scope of Stabila soul levels in sizes 24" and 36" alongside the ace pocket sprit level which is 67mm long and has an attractive base.

Weld Mat

At Plumbing Supplies Direct we have three fastening mats, the Rothenberger Supermat, Monument heat binding mat and the Monument 0 Mat.

The Rothenberger high temperature, fire and warmth safe fastening mat which secures work spaces of up to temperatures of 126°c when binding copper pipework, the patching mat measures 200mm x 300mm and has a wipe clean support. As it contains no asbestos or fired materials this fastening mat is non-risky and has a Gold Vermiculite high-temperature covering on the face.

Landmark 250mm x 250mm Soldering and Brazing Pad gives insurance to apparatuses and fittings while welding copper pipework. This bind tangle is heat safe of up to 600 degrees. It is made of expert nature of HDW graphite material.

The O Mat by Monument is built of woven glass texture implying that this tangle is additionally liberated from asbestos, it is finished sewed and be utilized on temperatures of up to 600°C. The Omat is reasonable to be utilized on both 15mm and 22mm copper pipework and fits around the line to forestall any harms to encompassing evading sheets, flooring and so on


No Home or tool compartment is finished without a screwdriver whether it be an electrical mains analyzer screwdriver or a long arrive at screwdriver to a total 9 piece set. Here we have them all!

Multi-reason screwdriver which is for general use, fits 3 sizes of screws and has a Phillips PH2 head type.

The long arrive at screwdriver which is fabricated by Monument Tools, is attractive making it ideal for dealing with boilers or latrine seats. It has a Phillips PH2 head and is 300mm long.

A mains analyzer screwdriver is an instrument isn't just utilized by electrical technicians however property holders, handymen and warming architects. The mains analyzer screwdriver cautions of any presence of voltage from 100 to 500 volts by a high perceivability neon tube marker.

Presently onto screwdriver set which we stock a determination of Rothenberger and Draper

The Rothenberger Euroline 6 piece set has an Ergonomic 2 material handle and most extreme solace fixing power with half less power required. The set comprises of:

5mm x 125mm opened screwdriver

5mm x 150mm opened screwdriver

5mm x 75mm circuit testers opened screwdriver

0mm x 100mm electrical technicians opened screwdriver

1 x 100mm Phillips screwdriver (PH1)

2 x 125mm Phillips screwdriver (PH2)

The Draper Tools screwdriver sets come in both 6 piece and 9 piece sets the two of which are delicate grasp for solace and are glossy silk chromed.

Measuring tape

A tool stash isn't a tool stash without a measuring tape! It is a typical estimating instrument intended to quantify a length of upto 5m/16ft in one or the other measurement or majestic. Because of its helpful size can be handily conveyed in a pocket or instrument pack alongside being cut onto a belt while not being utilized. It is built of solid bended metallic lace that can hold hardened and straight when broadened which at that point withdraws when figured it out.


At Plumbing Supplies Direct we have a choice of grasps by top brands Rothenberger, Monument and Bachco.

Water Pump Plier grasps accessible in both Monument and Rothenberger, they come in sizes 10" and 12" in the Monument reach and 10" Rothenberger. These holds have a restricted jaw profile with an enemy of slip activity and self-locking. They are comparable to us with the non-slip handles.

Flexible swim jaw holds which are produced using chrome cleaned steel and have a delicate enemy of slip material guaranteeing an agreeable and solid grasp. This instrument is amazingly sturdy and the jaw setup of the wrench brings about a more grounded contact point for stainability.

The Bahco Ergo slip joint water siphon plier which we stock in 8" with a limit of 51mm and the equal jaws can be changed into in 13 situations with quick change by squeezing the catch as an afterthought

Radiator Drain Down Tools

There are numerous items out available for simplifying depleting down a radiator and without making any wreck or harm rug or deck for proficient handymen and warming architects alongside mortgage holders eliminating radiators when painting and finishing a room. At Plumbing Supplies Direct we stock the accompanying for simplicity of depleting down a radiator.

Channel down hoses – by Rothenberger and Todays Tools. The Rothenberger is 10 meters in length and the Todays Tools one is 15 meters in length both are non wrinkle, made of elastic and intended for depleting down Central Heating Systems alongside Tanks and Vessels. It accompanies Velcro lashes for snaking when not being used.

Radiator channel down plate – the Arctic Hayes dazzling yellow plate accompanies 4 water redirecting collars, 4 reusable fixing strips and a water safe obstruction gel. it is all inclusive and can be utilized on pipework 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 22mm. The Todays Tools plumb tub is intended for when draining a radiator to empower to get any water, it is adaptable and adaptable as it is bendy and in a triangle shape to get into troublesome regions.

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