Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom or do you want to change your shower for a bath?

Here we show you all the information to take into account to choose the bath that suits your needs. We leave you some factors to take into account to help you make the right decision.

How will the installation be?
Examine the space available to install it and choose between built-in or freestanding.

Built-in or wall-mounted bath
It's usually the most demanded option amongst users for bathrooms in which there is not much space to spare, but aesthetics and functionality are sought at the same time to improve movement. Baths these days come with or without a surrounding skirt.

Freestanding bath
Choose it if you have a big space to make the bath the center of attention.

Among its options: with supports, such as the legs themselves as decoration in different colours, or directly resting on the floor with the hidden legs, achieving a classic and stately style.

By its shape
Gone is the classic bath. at the moment there are a number of shapes in which to consider: rectangular, oval, angular, corner or round. It is true that there are some that need more space than others, but all of them will be able to create that unique space you are looking for in your bathroom

By style or design
To create that harmony it is necessary that all the elements and toilets fit with each other in terms of style. It's important to determine beforehand what the style you are going to create in the space will be like in your bathroom.

If you opt for a warm and welcoming environment for your bathroom, wood cannot be absent. There are some models that their skirts are covered with materials that offer this effect.

The straight lines will give you a classic design. On the other hand, oval or round bathtubs will give it that modern touch.

And in terms of colours, it is clear that white is the big winner, but you can also get a minimalist but differentiating style with pastel, neutral and even black colors to add character to the bathroom. The latest trend we have experienced is that bathroom designers are bullish on the latest black style when renovating your bathroom.

Let us not forget about your options
Choose a classic bath or enhance the space with a jacuzzi bath to enjoy all its benefits to the fullest, either alone or as a couple.

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