Is Single Lever Or Mixer Taps Best For Your Bathroom?

Which mixer is best for your bathroom

Whether you’re building a brand new bathroom or renovating or just refreshing your current bathroom, one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to do it is by selecting the right taps. And when it comes to taps, you have two great choices – either you can pick from a mixer or single lever taps. The important thing is to find out which one is the most suited for your lifestyle.

In this blog post, we’ll brief out both types of bathroom taps, bringing out their differences and how they will benefit you and your lifestyle; thus, it will help you to choose the right taps for your bathroom.

Single Lever Taps


Single lever taps work with just one lever to control the water. Usually, you’ll have to turn the tap to the right to get progressively colder water and turn towards the left to get progressively hotter water. However, you can also preset the water temperature through a lever on the side. The benefit of a single lever is that you can just leave the tap’s lever in your preferred direction once you have identified a water temperature that works optimally for you. Besides, it’s simple to control water flow because the higher you lift the lever, the stronger will be the water flow.

Moreover, single lever taps are simple to use, as anyone from young children to the elderly can effortlessly manoeuvre them; thus, they are all the rage in bathrooms at the moment. Moreover, single lever taps look elegant and are available in an array of finishes and designs; however, the highly sought-after finish is the classic chrome plating that never dates.

Single lever taps are widely installed on bathroom basins; however, they are equally handy for shower and baths if you want to use it.

Mixer Taps


Mixer taps dispense both cold and hot water from a single spout. Mixer taps are available in different styles – commonly they are manoeuvred using single lever but they can also be manoeuvred with the old-styled conventional taps, which you can turn ON and OFF. Mixer tap styles include a three-hole mixer tap wherein you have separate taps but only one spout and monobloc mixer taps wherein everything is on one main tap body. Mixer taps can have integrated thermostats, an excellent feature for the bathroom, as you can easily set the temperature to your preference and it will automatically turn ON to that temperature every time – this feature is desirable for showers and baths. As the water reaches its desired temperature quickly, the chances of wasting water are considerably reduced.

Mixer taps can be used efficiently throughout the bathroom space including the bath, shower, bidet and basin, and they are exceptional. To enhance your water efficiency, they are available with water-saving functions and come in a wide array of designs, colours and finishes. Nonetheless, stainless steel and chrome are the trendiest choices of the modern-day, as they seamlessly match any type of bathroom interiors and provide an ageless look.

Above all, as mixer taps are user-friendly, they can be easily used by all of the family members, young and old alike. Therefore, an environmentally friendly bathroom should not miss out on this key feature.

The Bottom Line


Mixer taps and single lever taps both are desirable bathroom accessories; however, it all boils down to what kind of functionality and style you prefer.

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