We know that bath lovers can be any age, and for the little ones who understand the overwhelming joy of a great bathroom, only the best will do.

Gearing up a bathroom for kids is such an exciting opportunity to have fun with colours, decoration, and themes. So relax while we take you through some of our suggestions.

When little ones love something, they really love it, be it racing cars, pirates, horses, or the latest animated movie. To indulge the child in your house, why not invest in a themed bathroom?

Now, hold your horses – we’re not suggesting you remodel the whole room out like a pirate ship. Instead, look out for the small touches that can transform your child's bathroom.

Wall stickers are your best friend here. These can be stuck on the wall and easily removed when your little ones grow out of their obsession when they get older. You can find something to suit a wide range of interests, so no matter what your kids are into, you can choose the perfect decoration.

Colour is a pretty big deal when it comes to decorating a kids’ bathroom, whether that’s a statement wall, shimmering tiles, or a bold frame for the mirror.

If you want to go all out and let colour make a big impact on the bathroom, then splashing colour on the walls is a great way to start. This can be a combination of both paint and tile if you want to mix things up a bit.

Bright colours tend to be a favourite with young kids, and this is where you can really get their input about what they would like. Get them involved in the decision-making process, but be prepared for some wacky requests.

Mosaic tiles can be a really great way to jazz up the interior of a shower, and these tiles can suit such a huge range of colour schemes, making them a versatile option.

When it comes to putting the ‘bath’ in ‘bathroom’ - considering the little hands and feet that will be using the bathroom needn’t limit you at all.

Thermostatic taps and showers are an excellent option for a children’s bathroom. They are made with accessibility in mind, as they give you greater control over the temperature of the water, and minimise the chance of any little hands getting scalded.

Centrally placed freestanding baths are also ideal, since the expanse of space around them means you have access from all sides for helping the kids out at bath-time. They tend to have a large internal space too, which is great if you have more than one little one sharing a bath.

If you’re designing a bathroom for kids of varying ages, chances are you may have more than one set of interests to consider. One is into unicorns and rainbows and the other loves video games – how do you accommodate both?

Well, in those instances, it may be best to stick to something more neutral, but this shouldn’t limit your creativity! Bright colours can still work wonders here, even if you’re just picking one colour rather than a combination.

You could also find large cabinets beneficial, with different areas for each child’s stuff – especially if there are older and younger siblings all using the same bathroom.

Every teenager knows that sharing a bathroom with their younger sibling is desperately uncool, but giving them their own space for their toiletries will help them feel like they’ve got a bit more freedom, making sharing less of a traumatic ordeal. Nobody understands you? Don’t worry, teens – EmmerSan does.

Designing a bathroom for kids is such a fun experience – the inner child that’s hiding within you gets a real chance to shine, and you can indulge in your love for bright colours and wacky decorations.

With consideration for the needs of little fingers and toes, as well as the different ages you might be catering for, you can create the bathroom that’s so cool, it will be the talk of the playground.

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