Are you buying a toilet seat? We have created a guide to help you choose the perfect seat for your toilet.

Did you know that for at least 30 minutes a week, the average South African adult sits on the toilet using a smartphone? Add that to your general toilet usage and you have spent hours of your time on the toilet. Since you are spending so much time at the toilet, you may as well be comfortable, correct?

1.   How to measure a toilet seat

You will be pretty uncomfortable if your seat does not fit. Save yourself time and money. Before you check out which toilet to buy, make sure you measure your toilet. You can figure out the seat size you need by measuring the base of your toilet.

- Measure the distance between the toilet seat holes

- Measure the width of the toilet bowl at its widest point

- Measure the distance between the middle of the seat hole and the front centre of the toilet bowl 

After you have these measurements, you can compare them with the specifications of the toilet seats available at your local bathroom store. If the measurements match – you are good to go! Buying a toilet seat is simple if you have the right info. 

1.   What shape is your toilet?

While you are browsing through a bathroom stores toilet seat range, it will be easier to find the perfect seat if you can narrow down the shape. There are a few different toilet seat types – elongated seats, round front seats, and D shaped seats.

2.   Toilet seat features

If you are purchasing a replacement toilet seat, you might be after an upgrade. Believe it or not, toilet seats have a range of optional features. Make a list of the things you need and find a toilet seat that fits best. Take into account your family or workplace – you might really appreciate a soft close toilet seat option, or if you have children, you might want to install a training toilet seat. The list below can be found at most bathroom stores.

- soft closing toilet seats

- quick release toilet seats (for fast installation and removal)

- double flap

- hinged seats

- child training toilet eats

- junior seats

- raised height 

3.   Design options

If you have put a lot of effort into your bathroom, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste on an ugly toilet seat. If you are purchasing a toilet seat, why not think outside the box and get a toilet seat with a bit of personality?

The material of your toilet seat will not only affect the overall look of your space – different materials have different qualities. Some are sturdy, others are easier to clean, some are more affordable.

- Lightweight plastic – affordable, easy to clean, no chipping or pealing

- Durable thermoplastic – easy to clean, no chipping or pealing, heavyweight and durable

- Wooden seats –  heavier than plastic options, aesthetic value 

Colour might be a factor whilst you are considering how to choose a toilet seat. Your decision might come down to which toilet seat you think looks best, or it might be a functionality issue. 

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