10 Reasons Why Blocked Toilets Happen

While there are many reasons why toilets block, the view from plumbers is the best way to keep blocked toilets is prevention. For instance, there is a list of 10 top reasons why toilets regularly block.

The reasons why toilets back-up is often best left to a professional plumber who can diagnose the problem that may be linked to drain pipes and other problems outside the home.

Blocked toilets linked to top 10 reasons

There are often gradual problems with a toilet’s drainage and flushing that is a tell tale sign that there may be an obstruction, say plumbers commenting online.

In turn, the top 10 reasons why toilets become clogged include:

1. Overuse of toilet paper, resulting in clogged toilet lines.

2. The problem toilet being on the second or third floor due to something being stuck in the pipe line. This problem may require a plumber to run a camera line down the blocked drain to diagnose the problem.

3. The toilet water flow is insufficient to move debris from the toilet down through the sewerage line.

4. Something has changed in the home’s construction during a recent renovation job that may have impacted the home’s toilet drain lines.

5. There is a current obstruction in the toilet drain pipe that may include a foreign object blocking the water flow through the pipe. This often occurs when something other than usual toilet waste is flushed down a toilet. For example, a homeowner discovered that his child accidently flushed a cloth down the toilet drain.

6. A blockage due to a buildup of human waste that has gradually built-up over time, and is now clogging the toilet drain line.

7. An insufficient amount of water coming into the toilet for it to flush debris away properly.

8. Woman’s personal items have been flushed down the toilet causing blocked drains that need clearly with a plumber’s snake to help clear the line.

9. A resulting flooding of the bathroom that is linked to too much toilet paper being forced down the toilet’s drainage pipe.

10. A backup due to a problem in the plumbing due to a back up in the city’s main sewer line.

Overall, a blocked toilet may require the expertise of your local plumbing professionals to sort it out. In turn, the best advice is to simply call an expert before using dangerous and powerful sewer drain chemicals that do not always work.

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